Time for an update

I'll start by saying it's a smallish update and probably a relatively short post, but something is better than nothing, right? Anyways not a massive amount has been going on at the plot due to naff weather and a lack of free time, however I finally managed to get my free wood from work to the plot, which was no easy task on my own, they are HEAVY!

It was made considerably more exhausting due to the fact the van I borrowed to transport the wood was too big to fit up the site drive, which meant dropping them at the allotment entrance and carrying them 1 at a time, the 200 - 300 metres uphill to my plot! 14ish trips later and I needed a brew!


After a coffee and a rest, I was back to it and did one of the most important things any allotment owner can do.... I got my signs from christmas put up!

After all the snow and ice throughout January, I was unable to reroof the shed as I mentioned last time but finally there was a few days of crisp, dry weather and so I took full advantage, stripped the old rotting felt off and on the advice of my plot neighbour, re-covered it with pond liner, including the free underlay that came with it.

And so far, so good its held on through a couple of VERY windy storms and the shed is mucher dryer and warmer for it, now I just need to sort something for a door and it will be good as new, well almost haha. February arrived, and with it more snow and freezing temps which dulled my urge to head to the allotment but with a flask on standby I decided to make a start on bed #1, progress was slow as the ground was frozen solid and I needed to dig the edge up in order to sink the planter into the ground to get it reasonably level.

Unfortunately, everything came to halt mid february as my eldest came down with a fever and had to have a covid-19 test (not a fun experience for me or my 6 year old), which led to isolating for a few days whilst the results came back. Fortunately it was negative, however I was then informed that my youngest may have been in contact with someone who had tested positive and that meant he had to isolate for 10 days, which my wife and I split between us.


Once the isolation period was over, it was business as usual with the kids back at nursery and school and my wife and I back to work. YAY! :( Last weekend (20th/21st) I finally managed to escape to the plot with the eldest and got the framework for Bed #1 finished, I also spoke to one of the other plot holders who dish out the manure and asked if they could drop some off. On our way home the eldest informed me that he doesn't want to come to plot anymore as there is not a lot for him to do, and I fully understand this, at the moment there's a lot of work required and not much fun to be had, hopefully I can get him more involved when it comes to planting, and if not so be it, although I will be a little sad. When I returned today(28th) I was delighted to find a large pile of horse manure in my new raised bed(we allotment folk get excited by strange things haha). So I set about spreading it out and topping it off with compost that I emptied out of the black pots the previous owner left me, which apparently was all fresh bought compost last year.

The plan is to try and get hold of some top soil so that I can cap it off before I plant my seed potatoes at the end of march/start of april, I'm hoping something crops on Facebook marketplace near me, hopefully free hehe, so I shall be keeping an eye on there, there's also a couple of building sites near me that I may approach if nothing turns up FB. I also need to figure out what to do for the pathways between the beds, as i've mentioned my plot tends to be a bit on the boggy side after a bit of rain and the paths are obviously lower than the beds so will end up with most of the water.

I'm really hoping some woodchip turns up at the site sometime soon, or something pops up on FB marketplace but if it comes to it I could always buy some from B&Q or somewhere similar. I've also taken some pots from the site back home as I have some strawberry plants thats going haywire in the back garden and plan to dig up and relocate to the allotment.


Plans for march include;

  1. Building my second and possibly third planter

  2. Creating an area for the strawberries to go

  3. Rehoming the potted apple trees to a morte permanent place

  4. Sorting the pathways

  5. General tidy up of the plot as it's looking a bit unkept with timber strewn everywhere

  6. and finally planting something in my bed!(maybe, depends on frost,etc.)

Anyways thats all for now, fingers crossed for a dry March and thanks for reading.Be sure to let me know your thoughts in the comments, on instagram or facebook(Links below).

Happy Gardening

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