Not Enough Time

So this week has been BUSY! Just not at the allotment unfortunately, my job is finally starting to pick up again and I'm back to 9/10 hour days so I won't be getting to the allotment before darkness sets in and to be perfectly honest I don't fancy being up there with a head torch at night haha! On top of work it was my eldests' birthday on friday and as I foolishly told him I would bake him a cake, there was no chance of me getting a couple of hours in on friday afternoon before I collected him from school, which left me with Saturday and Sunday, however as you may have noticed we're getting to a particular time of year that I personally dislike, the dreaded 'Christmas'(BAH HUMBUG!), which meant of course now that birthdays are out of the way we have the wonderful task of decorating the house, JOY! I managed to convince the wife to do them on sunday as the weather was supposed to be worse then, unsurprisingly the forecast was wrong again! and both days were pleasant enough that I could've spent full days at the plot but never mind, I did manage a couple of hours on saturday afternoon and managed to persuade my dad to check the allotment out and give me a hand lifting the picnic bench between the sheds on to the rubbish tip, turns out it was completely rotten and pretty much fell apart in our hands, which is a shame as I was hoping to pull it aprt and repurpose the wood, oh well.

As you can see there's quite the weed patch where the bench was and obviously this will need clearing, my plan is to pretty much just woodchip the entire area between the sheds and polytunnel, hopefully this will help with some of the waterlogging thats happening there, I've just got to source some. I've emailed the committee about having the rubbish removed and also if they're expecting any woodchip deliveries at site before I find an alternative source. I'll be honest i've been feeling a bit negative about the plot this week and I think the scale of the task ahead of me is starting to sink in, as a result of this I really didn't feel like weeding this area, but I did manage to force my way in to Shed #3(the rotting one at the top of my plot) and discovered that it is falling to bits and also full of rotting polythene/plastic as well a childs'playpen(no longer fit for use) and a baby rocking chair thing (also not fit for purpose), so they went on the heap too, i then collected and cleared the loose items that were hanging around near the shed, such as 2 compost 'Dalek' bins, as well as some old fire bins that were well and truly knackered and treated myself to nice cuppa.

I then decided I needed to finish clearing the polytunnel of stuff I want the council to remove, which consisted of getting rid of several broken plastic pots and tubs, empty bottles of tomato feed and a rickety staging frame that was missing a leg! Once I'd done that, I had another brew and then stacked my future compost bin up to the side of Shed #1 and decided to call it a day but not before I decided to have a little nosey at what everyone else has done on their plots. It seeems the general consensus is to have raised beds which makes sense considering the bogginess of my plot and presumably others and something I will have to think about. Managed to get a half decent sunset photo before I left and finally managed to meet the most important members of our allotment site.

Anyways only a short update this week, as always I'd love your feedback either via the comments section here or on social media(Links at the bottom of the page).

Happy Gardening!

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