Initial plans

I've started having a think about how I want to layout my plot, and how I should go about it. Based on my initial research, reading various articles and watching a tonne of YouTube videos, it's best to start small and section the plot which makes sense to me. When I visited the site last weekend I made sure to take a look at the 3 sheds and the polytunnel that I will acquire/inherit(?) The 2 sheds at the bottom of the allotment near the polytunnel are reasonably sound although require some repairs but nothing too daunting I think, and the polytunnel itself is in good condition as far as I can tell. However the little shed in it's own at the top, on first inspection looks like it maybe well beyond my repairing capabilities, looked quite rotten and I'm quite surprised it's still standing! So obviously that needs removing and disposing of or burning. There are a lot of empty pots/buckets strewn all over the 144m² plot, some however have various unidentified shrubs/trees which I think I'll keep for now and see what they produce next year. On to the layout ideas, as you can see from the poorly drawn plans below,

I've got a basic plan formed, ignore the scale of the drawings it's in no way accurate and may be entirely wrong. I'm leaning towards the second image as this gives me somewhere for the fruit trees without just stuffing them along the back fence, as per layout 1. The playhouse in layout 2 is also only a suggestion from my wife so my little ones have somewhere to play, if they visit, although knowing my kids they'll be more interested in climbing the veg beds but we'll see. In terms of order of attack, first thing will be to clear any and all rubbish from the site as well as the buildings, followed by getting the door back on the pvc shed as it's currently lying on the floor. I think it would be sensible to clear the lower quarter around the buildings giving me easy access and then focus on pulling up the old beds hidden beneath the weeds/grass and going from there. At some point, sooner rather than later I need to add a gate to the entrance of my plot which will allow me to bring this guy with me in the future.

Anyways thats all I have for now, I'm still waiting on the committee to arrange for me to get the keys, so my next post will probably be after i have them. Thanks for reading and please if you have any suggestions or advice leave a comment.

Happy Gardening

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