I got an allotment!

Hello! and welcome to my little corner of the internet.

My name is Ben and i'm a 30 something mechanical engineer. I have always had an interest in gardening and growing my own fruit and veg, and have made a couple of attempts over the past couple of years to grow various veg, potatoes, carrots and others with varying success rates. Back in 2017 my wife, son and I moved into a lovely 3 bedroom house with a sizeable garden and my mind raced with thoughts of creating my own little vegetable paradise, however back gardens are for children playing according to the wife and so my paradise plans were scuppered. I was promised a small corner of the garden to experiment with and that was my lot. However this did not fulfil my appetite to grow a bountiful eden of fruit and veg, and so I began looking in to allotments. I contacted my local council, to be informed that they had plenty of allotments however there was a 2 year waiting list! So i put my name down and eagerly waited for an email, foolishly expecting a call within a week going something along the lines of "MrBsg we've decided to move you to the front of the line because, well we really like your enthusiasm, charming personality, etc, etc. Alas this was not the case, and then almost to the day 2 whole years later, I received that blessed call at the worst possible time! Unfortunately i was going through somewhat of a 'lack of money' time and it would have been foolish to spend the £100 or so on an allotment when we had more important things like food and a mortgage to take care of, I took a look at the plot that was offered just to tease myself a bit but ultimately explained I was in no position to take on a plot at this time, the council accepted this and moved me back down the list. Fast forward past the majority of 2020, ( and all the horrors that came with it) and i received another call telling me the very same plot had come up again. GREAT! I took my wife, dog Loki, and now 2 children to have a look round the place and well the picture speak for themselves.

Needless to say it needs some work, but whoever took this plot for the last 12 months has done some work here based on what it looked like when i viewed it the previous year. I was diheartened when i looked at it last year, but this time round I was excited and suddenly visions of veggie heaven started to flood my mind. Which brings me to this blog, as a means of tracking my progress, and keeping me motivated I've decided to blog my allotment adventures, I've got some paperwork to sign and keys to pick up later this week, but I've already started drawing up plans for the layout and thoughts on what to plant first and where to begin, but i'll save that for my next post! If you've read this far, Thanks and i'll see you in the next post.

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